Leave the Landlord Duties to the Pros

Our team in Farmingdale, ME area can handle property maintenance and general upkeep for you

Managing a home or commercial space is a lot of work. If you're a landlord feeling overwhelmed, turn to Everett Property Management & Investment Consulting. We offer partial and full-time property management services. We will:

  • Handle property maintenance
  • Plan for lawn care and seasonal upkeep
  • Field emergency calls from tenants
  • Help you cut down on expenses

You can have peace of mind knowing we're overseeing your property maintenance and renter's requests. Set up property management services at your property in the Farmingdale, ME area today.

Make sure you're choosing reliable tenants to rent your property

When you hire us for property management, you can benefit from our tenant screening services. We'll take the time to look into potential renters for you. Those interested in your property will apply and follow along with our screening process. In the end, we can help you make an informed decision about who is a great candidate.

Take advantage of tenant screening services. Partner with us today.